About us

CASA IRMI Home Textile and Furnishing Ltd. was founded in 2001. Our company sells curtains, draperies,

tablecloths,  cushions,  tapestries,  bedspreads  and  other  home  textiles, which make our clients' homes

more  comfortable,  beautiful,  colorful  and  fancy.  Our aim is to produce quickly and precisely from our

good  quality materials what our clients dreamed of.  We offer textiles and products from Spanish, French,

German  and  Austrian  factories,  which  we  sell  exclusively  in  Hungary.  You  can  find   curtains and

accessories  with  CASA IRMI design in Hungary, in the EU

and even in the overseas countries.  Our company received

the  Award  of the Advertising Association at the Agria Fair

in  2001  and  the  Certificate of Merit for the high- standard

exhibition in 2002.